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Three Kitchen Color Trends for 2014 and beyond

As a retired professional home decorator with several part-time jobs per year, I pay attention to what people want. Decades ago the kitchen was branded as the heart of the home, but to those who spend countless hours preparing food, dining and entertaining, it is more than just the hub. It is the soul of the dwelling. For those who care about current styles, color is of the utmost importance. Some people update their abode every few years to maintain stylish surroundings. The following kitchen color combinations are likely to be a trend in 2014. Many who preferred bold hues in prior years are going to make major changes in the coming months.

Pastel Violet

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for decorators and designers. Keeping tabs on what people pin, like and share is a great indicator of what they want and how color trends and combinations will play out. I posted a purple kitchen in 2013, and it was pinned, liked and shared thousands of times. It was by far the most popular of all of my pins. In 2014 the decorating fad is likely to change and by more than several degrees. People are beginning to go with much lighter shades of the same gorgeous hue. Pastel violet is going to be one of the most popular options, and it will be flanked by steel gray or slate.

Soft Sky Blue

Subtle sky blue has always been a popular bedroom hue, but in 2014 it will be making a grand appearance in the kitchen. Consider bathing your walls with soft pastel blue. Add deep sapphire and brown accents for something gorgeous and new. The combination looks phenomenal with natural stained wood cabinetry. Small appliances, canisters and other counter top appliances and decor can be successfully used to add vibrancy to the cool and delicate hue. Brown and blue fabric window treatments are an ideal way to surround your View.

Cool Hues Are Going to Be Hot!

Soft Sea Green

In 2014, look for soft sea green for the kitchen instead of pine, evergreen or one of many other dark bold shades. It will lighten and brighten even the darkest room, especially those that do not offer enough natural light. Chocolate brown and sea green are a gorgeous combination. Creamy tan would also be an excellent accent choice. Go with a darker secondary color for a dramatic impact. Choose the lighter accent hue for a softer look. No matter the trends in 2014, use samples and take your time choosing color combinations for the kitchen. Even if you do not update the room as styles and fads change, it will look spectacular for years to come.

Source: Professional Home Decorating Experience

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