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5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Are Here To Stay (For Now)

Remodeling is on the rise and according to home design site Houzz, the kitchen is getting a lot of homeowners' attention.

Houzz recently released the results of its first ever Kitchen Remodeling Survey, revealing kitchen renovation trends among more than 7,500 homeowners who are in the midst of or currently planning a remodel. At the top of their wish lists: Open spaces, new countertops -- granite, of course -- and less dramatic color schemes. And for the most part, bigger isn't the upgrade of choice for homeowners these days. In fact, only a third of those renovating a kitchen are increasing the square footage of their space, with a larger number of survey respondents opting to merge their space with other rooms and adding features like a kitchen island instead.

Here's a look at some more of the trends in kitchen upgrades that Houzz says err on the side of aesthetic, with a few functional motivations thrown in.

Stainless Steel 65 percent of homeowners are incorporating stainless steel appliances into their new kitchen design, but combining them with white, colored, or appliances integrated into cabinetry.

Chef's Stoves High-end cooking appliances like chef's stoves top Houzzer wish-lists.

Soft & Neutral vs. Bold & Bright Colors Bright colors are trendy for décor, but most people (74 percent) are choosing a light, classic scheme for their kitchens, Houzz found.

Wood Flooring... Or Tile While 35 percent of respondents said hardwood would be their flooring a choice, tile came in a close second at 32 percent.

Eco-Friendly Materials Those who declared choosing eco-friendly materials and appliances to be “extremely important” are more likely to choose tile flooring, while all other groups favored hardwood. Nearly half of those surveyed said using eco-friendly appliances and materials is important to them.

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